We use music to raise awareness of the refugee issue

On May 3rd “speechless – a wordless opera” by Cat Hope took place at the Hochschule für Musik und Theater, Forum, in Hamburg.

Here are some reviews on the European premiere of Speechless:

“The opera is my answer to the treatment of refugees and asylum seekers all over the world.”
Komponistin über Flucht als Opern-Thema: „Wir stumpfen langsam ab“ (taz.de)

Cat Hope reflects on her Perth Festival hit “Speechless” and what it means in today’s troubled Europe
Speechless: Giving voice to “the forgotten” (limelightmagazine.com.au)

International networking is essential for the digital music scene and is primarily driven by universities, academies and composers worldwide.
Digitale Klangvisionen – weltweite künstlerische Forschung (Deutschlandfunk.de)

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