Congratulatons: Lisa Herzog awarded with Schader Prize 2022

The Schader Prize 2022 has been awarded to Lisa Herzog for her groundbreaking work on the philosophy of markets, on theories of justice and on economic ethics.

“Lisa Herzog is one of the outstanding thinkers of our time who deals with fundamental questions at the interface between economics and philosophy,” explained Senate spokesperson Angelika Nußberger. Herzog’s work on the philosophy of the market, theories of justice and business ethics is groundbreaking, she said. “She advocates for decent work and pleads for a responsible distribution of resources, as inequality endangers democracy,” she said. With her writings and statements on current issues, she makes a significant contribution to the socio-political discourse of the present,” Nußberger continued.

Read the entire (German) article in Forschung & Lehre here.

About the Schader Prize.

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