HIAS appoints outstanding scholars and artists from all parts of the world who are granted full freedom to pursue their own research projects under excellent conditions on-site in Hamburg for a period of 3 to 10 months.

HIAS aims to enable scholars and researchers as well as artists and cultural professionals of distinction a space of intellectual freedom, entirely unimpeded by their usual professional duties, in which to pursue their own projects.

The appointment of fellows is conducted mainly via calls for application. Also possible are nominations by affiliates of HIAS’ member institutions, as well as via personal address by members of the Institute’s Executive Committee. HIAS seeks to compose a group of fellows that, in respect to its members’ academic or artistic disciplines, countries of origin and career stages, is as diverse and stimulating as possible. HIAS attaches particular importance to the promotion of promising emergent early career researchers as well as emerging artists and cultural professionals.

Outstanding resident scholars and researchers act as tandem partners in order to facilitate and ensure the fellows’ integration into the scholarly and scientific community of Hamburg. Thus, direct access to specific local research infrastructure, if desired, can be provided.

Andrea Frisch, Fellow 2021/2022 of the ZEIT-Foundation Ebelin and Gerd Bucerius in Hamburg about her experiences with her tandem partner Markus Friedrich of Universität Hamburg:

HIAS’ research profile is not limited by any specific disciplinary foci. A fellow’s research and stay is characterized by a maximum amount of freedom. Fellows are merely expected to spend the full duration of their fellowship on-site in Hamburg and to interact with one another, for example by attending the events organized by the Institute for its fellows. In order to facilitate ideal conditions for communication and cooperation with local scholars and scientists, HIAS is oriented towards the academic year in Hamburg, which usually runs from mid-October through the end of January (winter semester), and from mid-April through mid-July (summer semester). Thus, a fellowship starts on 1 September at the earliest and ends on 30 June of the following year at the latest.

Lutz Rademacher, Fellow 2021/2022 funded by Universität Hamburg, about his experience at HIAS:

The fellows are housed in Universität Hamburg’s guesthouse offering fully furnished apartments for single tenants, couples, as well as families of up to four people. All units are equipped with a kitchenette, a half or full bath and a WiFi connection.

The guesthouse is centrally located. It is an essential feature of the neighborhood, that everything is reachable withing walking distance. Nearby shops, restaurants, bars and various cultural institutions make up its urban environment.

It is situated about half a kilometer (a third of a mile) away from an international railway station; Hamburg’s international airport is about a twenty-minute car ride away.

Urban Wiesing, Fellow 2021-22 funded by the Joachim Herz Foundation and Oliver Schmidtke, Fellow 2021-22 funded by the Universität Hamburg about their experience at HIAS:

HIAS welcomes accompanying life partners and children of fellows. The HIAS head office assists fellows in finding suitable schools and day care facilities. Both the HIAS head office as well as the guesthouse are located in a leafy neighborhood adjacent to Universität Hamburg’s main campus in the city center with excellent access to public transportation as well as numerous playgrounds and day care facilities within walking distance.

Racha Kirakosian, Fellow 2021/2022 of the Academy of Sciences and Humanities in Hamburg about her experiences as a young mother at HIAS:

Via their private workplace, each fellow has access to digital databases. Additionally, the HIAS head office gladly assists with researching and obtaining of literature and other media.

HIAS provides each fellow with a private and furnished workplace. IT-Services offer fellows individual service and support. Personal devices can be integrated in the network.

Matthew Gandy, Fellow 2021-22 funded by the Universität Hamburg, about his experience at HIAS:

A fellowship’s chief value consists of the opportunity to follow one’s own research project unimpeded by usual professional obligations while enjoying interdisciplinary impulses and making many diverse new contacts. Nevertheless, a fellow’s stay at HIAS should not lead to any financial loss. The details of each fellowship will be determined in an attractive individual financial agreement that HIAS concludes with each fellow, taking into account each fellow’s unique situation regarding their respective career phase, home institution and country.

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