Issue #01

Globalized Nature

Every fellow cohort is a new adventure. New people come with new ideas, bring their networks with them, new topics appear on the agenda, and exciting cross-connections between different approaches and questions emerge -interdisciplinarity in the best sense of the word.

The more perspectives are represented, the better. In the process, new topics are constantly emerging; they are not predetermined but are created from the bottom up: Urban ecology, for example, is something we want to cover in the present issue as focus. Basically, the question of what kind of world we want to live in and what it should look like in the future, runs like a thread through the various discourses, once with a view to nature, but also with a view to our society and how we live together.

This magazine showcases the Fellows and their work, provides an opportunity for associated experts to share their insights and opinions – and it will give you a glimpse of life at HIAS.

Issue #01

»Globalized Nature«

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