Marc-Thorsten Hütt

not without my digital recorder

As a physicist working on questions in biology, research projects come in many different shapes and forms.  But they all are vast clouds of ideas. Bringing these ideas into the linear form of a text is where I rely on my digital recorder. In this way, for a decade now, more than half of my texts gather shape during long walks in the streets of my favorite cities (and with my HIAS stay, Hamburg has joined this list). With this process of designing texts, I feel a bit like becoming part of the long tradition of deep reflection while meandering through city streets.

Marc-Thorsten Hütt

Marc-Thorsten Hütt is Professor of Computational Systems Biology at Constructor University in Bremen. His research is situated in systems biology and systems medicine, bioinformatics, the statistical physics of complex networks, and the theory of self-organization.In his work he tries to understand the relationship between network architecture and collective dynamics with simple mathematical models. With his research group, he uses the results of these theoretical studies to better understand high-throughput data in biology and medicine.

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Marc-Thorsten Hütt’s digital recorder, HIAS