Hamburger Horizonte 2022

What does freedom mean for science, art and future generations? What is currently threatening our freedom, and how can or must we defend freedoms? In the face of war, the climate crisis and the pandemic, the topic of freedom is a prevailing and polarizing one. Under this year’s motto “Freedom in Crisis”, Hamburg Horizons 2022 will bring well-known stakeholder from science, politics, culture and society to the stage on these questions.

For the first time this year, the Hamburg Horizons will take place as a series of events at various locations and over a period of one month.

“Freedom” is discussed in different contexts and places:

  • Criticism and Culture: Does Cancel Culture Threaten Our Freedom?
  • Freedom of Will
  • Freedom and the responsibility of the individual
  • A turning point in academic freedom?
  • Freedom in art
  • Freedom and intergenerational justice
  • Scientific forecasting and the freedom of politics

The program of this year’s conference “Freedom in Crisis” can be viewed here: #Horizonte22