Hamburger Horizonte 2023

Threatened diversity
How do we protect biodiversity?

Species extinction has accelerated dramatically in recent decades. Today’s extinction rate is estimated to be more than 100 times the natural evolutionary loss of species. Experts warn of the implications of this catastrophe for all of humanity. Despite this, species extinction receives little public attention – it does not bring social movements to the streets and is hardly reflected in political debates and election programs. In the “competition of catastrophes,” silent dying apparently does not come across as quite as existential as the climate crisis and not quite as acute and urgent as war and pandemic.

However, the preservation of biodiversity is crucial for functioning ecosystems, because living organisms depend on each other via food chains. Which key species are we currently losing? At what rate is this trend progressing, and what can be predicted? Like climate change, species loss is a global crisis. What international agreements do we need to protect diversity? And how can national implementation succeed? What needs to change in agriculture to limit species extinction and still feed the world’s population? What are we losing not only in terms of livelihood but also in terms of aesthetic diversity with the disappearance of numerous animal and plant species? And how sustainable is our approach to nature, which is characterized by subjugation and exploitation logics?

During the Hamburger Horizonte 2023, renowned experts from science, politics, culture and society will discuss this topic on stages, offer lectures and guided tours, artists invite you to a concert talk, you can become active yourself in workshops and a cooking class, and researchers will answer the questions of an interested audience.

The series of events will take place at various locations and over the course of a month.

“Biodiversity and its threats” will be discussed and experienced in different contexts and places – an excerpt from the program:

  • Critique and Culture: does Cancel Culture threaten our freedom?
  • Green Campus Life: Biodiversity and Natural Open Spaces through Urban Gardening.
  • Nutrition and Biodiversity: A Sustainable Cooking Course
  • Living Botany – Diversity of Crops as a Prerequisite for Human (Survival) Life
  • Lecture series on the climate crisis: Introduction to the topic of biodiversity
  • Living Botany – The Herbarium Hamburgense as the Basis of Current Biodiversity Research
  • Ear to the World: Dominik Eulberg
  • Ways out of species extinction. What can the arts, humanities and social sciences contribute to saving biodiversity?Participation is free of charge. Registration to each event required.

View the full program for this year’s Threatened Diversity conference here: #Horizonte23

The “Hamburger Horizonte”, an annual series of events on changing topics of particular relevance to society. The claim to bring science and society into an open exchange unites the three organizers Körber Foundation, University of Hamburg and HIAS. Since 2017, they have therefore been jointly organizing the “Hamburger Horizonte”, an annual series of events on changing topics of particular relevance to society. The Hamburger Horizonte are jointly funded by the Körber Foundation and the Universität Hamburg, which uses funds from the Excellence Strategy of the German federal and state governments for this purpose.