05:00 PM

Colloquium & Dinner (first Mi161, then Ro45)

Netias Debates togehter with Amy Padula

“Health. Interdisciplinary, Ethical and Alternative Approaches”

Institut d’études avancées d’Aix-Marseille (Iméra).



· Noelia Martinez Doallo, Zukunftskolleg Fellow, Konstanz I Postdoctoral Fellow in law
· Michael Koslowski, Iméra Fellow, Marseille I Psychiatrist, psychotherapist and researcher at Charité University Medicine in Berlin
· Christina Nombela, MIAS Fellow, Madrid I Researcher on neurodegenerative diseases at the faculty of psychology at the Autonomous University

“To want to know” or “To NOT want to know”: The transmission of health information at the individual and collective level is important in biomedical science, but also involves philosophy, law and other academic fields. Examples will stem from the four fellows’ expertise in environmental chemical exposure, mental health, therapy with psychedelics, and biomedical decision-making. We will discuss our role as educators in medicine and the balance of individual freedom and common good.

We meet at 4.50 pm at Mittelweg 161
Dinner will be at Rothenbaumchaussee 45