04:00 PM

Hamburg Horizons 2022: “Freedom in Crisis” – Panel Discussion “Changing Times in Academic Freedom?” (DESY)

Instead of a colloquium HIAS invites you to an excursion to DESY (Deutsches Elektronen-Synchrotron) for a guided tour through its facilities and a panel discussion titled “Changing Times in Academic Freedom?” within the conference series Hamburger Horizonte.

Hamburger Horizonte 2022

As a result of the invasion of Ukraine by Russian troops, various countries such as Germany, but also the EU, have frozen and even terminated scientific and scholarly ties with Russia and Belarus – an unprecedented event. Is a paradigm shift taking place here? Are science and research turning from bridge builders into political bargaining chips? Are we witnessing the beginning of the end of academic freedom – or the introduction of a value orientation into international research cooperation in order to protect universal values? Given the scope of these developments, it is urgent that the scientific community take a stand on this challenge and engage in this important debate.

The joint event of DESY and HIAS aims to contribute to this discourse and also to let international voices have their say.

Panel “Changing times in academic freedom?”


Helmut Dosch, Director, German Electron Synchrotron (DESY)
Hauke Heekeren, President, University of Hamburg
Antje Wiener, Political Scientist, Universität Hamburg
Marijk van der Wende, Political and Social Scientist, Universiteit Utrecht
Ruppert Stüwe, Member of the German Bundestag, Member of the Committee on Education, Research and Technology Assessment

Ralf Krauter, Journalist, Moderator, Media Trainer, Deutschlandfunk

If you would like to attend this event, please register for it. The event will be in German, non-German guests will be provided with headsets for a translation into English.