05:00 PM

Hamburg Horizons 2022: Freedom in Crisis – Panel Discussion: Freedom in Art (Ro45)




A look at the history of art shows that social and individual freedom and its limits have long been debated in the various epochs and genres. At the same time, it reveals that the actors behind the scenes are still fighting specific battles for freedom today.

Using examples from biographies, research, and artistic practice, artists and researchers will approach the topic of freedom in art. Geographically, politically and socially conditioned challenges to artistic creation as well as social acceptances will be illuminated and placed in an international context – from a historical perspective as well as with regard to current discourses. The examination of forms of individual and collective strivings for freedom, such as the appropriation of space or the renegotiation of socially defined boundaries, will help to understand the significance of art in reflecting on power relations.



Stephen Barber

Cordula Ditz (Multimedia Artist from Hamburg/Detroit)

Cat Hope

Jeanette Kohl


Host: Frank Fehrenbach