06:00 PM

Hamburg Horizons 2023: “Natura Urbana. The Brachen of Berlin”



Urban nature and urban biodiversity are increasingly brought to awareness, especially in times of pandemic and crisis. The film tells the post-war history of Berlin through its plants – from landscape of ruins and their unique ecologies to the wastelands characteristic of Berlin with their spontaneous vegetation from all over the world and the abandoned roofs of the Friedrichshagen waterworks on the outskirts of the city. What has remained of Berlin’s wastelands and utopias? And what can be learned from the example of Berlin’s urban greenery for the future – also in Hamburg?

Film projection (70 min.) followed by a discussion between HIAS alumnus Matthew Gandy, director and Professor of Cultural and Historical Geography, Cambridge University, and HIAS fellow Emily Jones, Professor of German Studies and Environmental Humanities at Whitman College.

The event will take place at HIAS Mittelweg 161.