06:00 PM

Hamburg Horizons 2023: “Ways out of species extinction. What can the arts, humanities and social sciences contribute to saving biodiversity?”



What concrete contribution can the arts and natural humanities make to stopping species extinction? Does nature need rights? Can or must the protection of biodiversity be legally enforced? How would concepts of planetary coexistence change if rights of nature were introduced? What influence did and do (post-)colonial structures have on biodiversity in countries and whole regions? What role can the arts play in the fight against species extinction?

Discussion between:

  • Frank Adloff, sociologist, head of the DFG Collaborative Research Group on the Future of Sustainability, Universität Hamburg
  • Reinaldo Funes Monzote, environmental historian, University of Havana/Cuba, HIAS Fellow 2023/24
  • Petra Lange-Berndt, Professor of Modern and Contemporary Art, Universität Hamburg
  • John Peters, lawyer, climate advocate, Günther Rechtsanwälte

Moderation: Julia Voss, art critic, historian of science and journalist

The event will take place at the museum MARKK, Rothenbaumchaussee 64. The discussion will be conducted in English.
Registration starts September 19.