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HIAS reads#03: Trading Times – The Art of Prevention

Prevention has a fabulous reputation. It is always considered good! But a closer look reveals a more nuanced picture: Individual behavioral prevention means shaping the present to gain advantages in the future. It is a trade in time.

This can be a success or a failure, it influences the experience of time and can lead to paradoxical results. Prevention can lead to a ‘shrinking of the present’. And the ethical question remains: Is there a moral obligation to prevent individual behavior? Hardly, but a preventive lifestyle can contribute to a successful life. So, is prevention always a good thing? And what is the best way to cope with the unasked-for opportunity to preemptively direct your life towards the future? With irony?

Joachim-Herz Fellow 2021/2022 Urban Wiesing has invited two colleagues to discuss these questions on the basis of his book, which he wrote during his stay at HIAS:


Nicola Kuhrt, Editorial Director Research / Table.Media

The book was published by Frommann-Holzboog in 2023.

The discussion will be in German. Participation is possible. If you are interested, please send an email to event@hias-hamburg.de.